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Amplify Your Washington Home with Cozy Area Rugs

Looking for a simple, cost-effective way to add a cozy design to your living rooms or bedrooms? The Floor Trader of Tacoma is proud to offer local customers a vast array of area rugs that add a touch of personality to your home. Available in luxurious natural and synthetic fibers, including wool, polyester, and cotton, area rugs are versatile accent pieces for rooms and hallways of any size. Layer them on top of any flooring type to instantly enhance your floor’s aesthetic and create a unique homey feel. Visit our showroom in Tacoma, WA, today to browse our beautiful selection of area rugs!


Benefits of Adding an Area Rug to Your Space

If you are considering adding an area rug to a room in your home, it’s important to understand all the performance and design advantages you’ll enjoy:

Selecting the Perfect Area Rug: Sizing Up Your Space

As a general rule of thumb, your area rug should be large enough to fit under most, if not all, of a room’s furniture. Keep in mind that furniture can be used to hold area rugs in place—just be sure not to cover up the entire rug's design. In an average-sized room, rugs should be centered and approximately 10” – 20” from the walls.

Have a more than, or less, than average-sized room? Feel free to adjust those dimensions to as low as 8” or as high as 24”. Or consider using carpet tiles instead of traditional rugs for an easy and customizable fit.

Buying for a particularly large room? Use multiple area rugs with cohesive patterns and colors to break up the space and give it a more intimate feel.

Should I Use a Rug Pad Under My Area Rug?

Underneath every great area rug is a durable rug pad. General Rug Pads minimize movement and can be easily resized while Premium Rug Pads are great for holding rugs in place and protecting floors from scratching. Not only do rug pads protect your floors, but they also protect against slips and falls. If you want to get the most satisfaction out of your area rug, The Floor Trader of Tacoma highly recommends investing in a well-suited rug pad. 

Easy Area Rug Cleaning and Care

To keep your area rug looking fresh, it's important to properly clean and maintain it. Most rugs can easily be vacuumed along with the rest of your flooring. Medium to high-pile rugs should be deep cleaned every year, while low-pile rugs should be occasionally shaken out. However, be aware that a rug’s material will drive how often and how you clean it. Should you have a spill or an accident, use a manufacturer-recommended rug cleaner to remove the stain. To keep your area rug in top condition, be sure to check with the manufacturer for full care and cleaning recommendations.

Contact us today to browse our area rug options! We proudly serve customers in Tacoma, Washington, and throughout the surrounding communities.